Our Methods

Project Description:

Key Policies

Our Employees

Every effort at Feed You Well Inc, including an entire Serv Safe certified team and USDA
approved methods, are aimed at keeping meals healthy and students happy. We process live
scans and background checks for all employees as our initial employment requirement. Feed You Well Inc has a flawless on-time and right-temperature record, while maintained a perfect safety record performance. Feed You Well will provide a daily transportation record to the agency that records the person transporting the food, amount ordered, portions per students, temperature, delivery time and serving time.

Without any additional cost Feed You Well can provide 1 server per 100 students.

Our Systems

Our clients can feel rest assured that their business with us is in good hands. All produced
documentation and records are not only filed in hard copy but stored in our automated database system. As we use one central system to create, archive, and log all our primary forms and records, retrieval for both our clients and our internal administrative staff is highly efficient and automated. Upon request hard copies or digital copies can be provided via email or fax.

As an added option for schools we can provide individualized online accounts to access vital account information such as transportation records, invoices, and nutritional information about our food and services.

All essential databases and files are securely backed up in-house and online as part of our failsafe and redundant system.

Service and Record keeping

Feed You Well can provide packaged meal for in Classroom options upon request (lead- time of 1 day):
Feed You Well:
Will provide heat retaining containers and proper utensils for in Classroom meals.
Will provide milk and juices in chilled coolers for distribution with in Classroom meals.
Will provide fresh fruits and vegetables in our safe containers. All fruits and vegetables undergo a process of cleaning and quality assessment before they are distributed to our schools.

Feed You Well can provide meal services for faculty and staff: Feed You Well acknowledges that school staff and faculty’s time is very important, thus providing a well-balanced and proportioned meal onsite can help. Providing the best quality meals for staff and faculty can be arranged as a separate program at a cost effective price per individual meal.
Feed You Well:
Will provide proper portion size for every adult meal.
Will provide meal selection based on schools current calendar day.
Will provide fresh fruits and vegetables.
Will provide the option of milk, juice or lemonade.