Our Quality

Project Description:

Key Policies

Feed You Well is committed to giving students the healthy food options they deserve because:

Our Food and Quality

We provide the appropriate balanced portions children need according to age, while rotating meals frequently, reducing the waste of uneaten meals.

Feed You Well has established and maintained competitive by using only fresh, locally sourced meats, produce and ingredients that are certified 100% organic, and provides the highest quality brand-name milk and juices. All our food is grown free of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, growth hormones and genetically engineered substances. Feed You Well Inc strives for excellence by procuring the freshest ingredients and healthiest options. That means MSG-free, non-processed food and organic fruits and vegetables, dressings, and even oil. Plus, all of our locally sourced 95% lean meats are baked, steamed, and grilled (never fried!).

Apart from the general lunch menu, Feed You Well will also provide a snacks menu which will be comprised of a daily rotation menu. Each individual snack will be an assortment composed of our fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables.