Our Relationship

Project Description:

Key Policies

Compensation and Minimization of Leftover Meals

Feed You Well will help the agency increase student participation in the Food Service Program:
Feed You Well Inc stands by its primary commitment to nourishing students with healthy, organic and delicious meals at a sensible cost. We provide schools with meals that are of far higher quality, fresher, safe, and offer menus that are rotated frequently… to the delight of parents, schools and the students we serve.

Feed You Well:
Provides an online website with detailed monthly calendars with meal details, complete information of company and receives feedback from teachers, parents and administrators.
Provides the opportunity for each school to make suggestions on their menu and substitute some items for more desired menu options.

Feed You Well will help the agency reduce waste and spending in the Food Services Program because: Feed You Well Inc. provides the most effective eco-friendly options for those that are committed to being responsible for our planet. From limiting the disposal of food by aiming to feed every student the appropriate portions required for healthy development to the ways we prepare and deliver.

Feed You Well:

  • Provides the appropriate balanced portions children need according to age, while rotating meals frequently, reducing the waste of uneaten meals.
  • Provides the freshest all meals with more rotating options than others that will encourage children to consume a complete and balanced meal that they will enjoy to eat.
  • In the case a school increases its daily order from the “normal” level over 50 meals, Feed You Well will not charge for up to 10 leftover meals as a risk-sharing agreement.