The facts don’t lie. At Feed You Well, we go above and beyond to procure the freshest ingredients and healthiest options. That means MSG-free, non-processed food,  fruits and veggies, dressings, and even the oil we use. Plus, all of our locally sourced meats are baked, steamed, and grilled (never fried!) and are 95% lean. And, of course, we can’t forget the importance of dairy and bread – low-fat Alta Dena milk, natural Juicy Juice, and low-fat yogurt keep the children smiling, as does the whole grain, homemade bread.

There are many vendors that are competing to serve you. Most of the ones we know do not meet the requirements that are asked by the state or even by schools’ policies.

· Health Standards

· Food Rotation

· Punctuality

· Temperature Control

· Customer Satisfaction

· Creative Menus