Benefits, Quality and Value by Doing Business with Feed You Well

Feed You Well has established and maintained their leadership position by using only fresh, locally sourced meats, produce and ingredients and providing the highest quality brand-name milk and juices. The company has maintained a spotless record of delivering meals to Los Angeles charter schools fresh, on-time, at the right temperature, and in a professional manner….and is especially proud of never having received health department violations or complaints from schools or parents.

Feed You Well truly prides itself on going far above and beyond the expectations of their customers in all areas, standing far above the quality or service of any competitors:

  • Providing more desirable menu items, which are rotated frequently, is done sincerely for the children’s enjoyment and satisfaction, although it’s far above what is required.
  • Providing 100% certified organic ingredients and higher quality brand name milk and juice is done out of genuine concern for the children, although it’s far above what is required.
  • Maintaining a perfect safety record, insuring that each and every staff member is certified by Serve Safe, maintaining a spotless on-time and right-temperature record, and earning the sincere respect and admiration of the schools, parents and children is done out of professionalism and pride in our company’s leadership position.

That kind of quality, performance and track record usually comes with a significant cost premium, which is certainly worth accommodating where the safety and welfare of our children is concerned.